Computer Repair & Servicing


Computer repair, PC repair , laptop repair & tablet repair by our experienced computer techs, we pride ourselves on customer service, confidentiality and security with free estimates before the repair is undertaken.

Since 2004 we have provided Free Estimates and No Fix, No Fee

We have several computer repair services that we provide plus our Annual Support Plan with our own professional white room tech workshop facility for hardware services.

Our experienced team has over 30 years experience in computer hardware repairs, software support and PC maintenance.

PC and Laptop, Drop-Off and Collect Services


We have a fantastic PC Repair Service at great prices and our services are much more thorough than certain well known High Street suppliers. The services have been developed by professionals with years of industry knowledge and experience to get your computer back to its very best.

Leave your computer with us for repair and we will call you when the machine is ready to collect. Most  repairs are complete within 24hrs.


Basic Computer Service -  £40

A virus & malware removal and a straightforward health check and normal maintenance is done .


Intermediate Service - £65

Clears Virus and malware get a browser clean-up and browser hi-jack problems. Deep system scan and health check. It takes several hours to complete.


Full Service - £80

An annual service for your PC or laptop. Your machine is tested, checked, cleaned, system performance reviewed and improved.


PC Home Annual Plan - £120

Available to home users only, pay one price for the whole year and receive a Full Service and up to 3 other visits in 12 months.


PC HOME Additional PCs

Many homes have more than one PC so our Annual Plan can be extended to cover these.

First additional PC or laptop - £100

Each Additional PC or laptop - £80


Re-installation/Rebuilds from  £65

Windows re-installation, service packing, driver installation, software, email etc  can take many hours over a conventional Broadband connection. Let our Techies sort it out for you and save the stress and annoyance.


Computer Upgrades from £15

We always have in stock of spares, replacement parts and upgrades and specific parts can be procured often within 24hrs.



Computer Setup and Installation

Whilst we recommend our computer procurement and setup service so you get the ideal machine for you we understand that sometimes a deal is hard to pass over. So if you need help setting up your new technology, transferring data, getting email running, sorting out your printer and network of course we are happy to help.


Common Software Problems

There are an enormous variety of ways your computer can be compromised, so we advise regular annual computer health checks because these days the risk of losing valuable data is enormous and we understand our clients are not computer experts and need clear advice without the techno-babble.


So if your computer is running slowly, has relentless pop-ups, the internet browsers are not working, or you have blue screens of death, give us a call so we can assist you.

Network Services

  • Router Configuration
  • Router Upgrade
  • ISP Advice
  • WiFi Setup
  • Dead Spots
  • WiFi Upgrades
  • Network Configuration
  • CLoud Services
  • Remote Support
  • VPN Setup
  • PowerLine

Free Collect and Return

If you are in the local area we can pick up and return your PC or laptop at a time convenient to you.


We collect the computer from your front door and return it at an agreed time to your front door.

Home and Business Visits

Clients who need a site visit from our Computer Techs, can just phone to book a time.


Evening and weekends visits are available.


Common on-site jobs are:

Printer setup and configuration

Computer setup and configuration

Computer clean ups

Internet problems

Internet setup

WiFi, and home networking



Common Hardware Repairs

Computer problems can vary from having a blank screen when the computer is switched on, to seemingly sudden unexpected reboots or blue screens of death.


Having you hardware professionally checked can give you peace of mind, it is better to be warned about an imminent disc failure than to have a disc fail and then pay a fortune to reinstate your system and data.


Your computer hardware is always at risk if it is not serviced or maintained properly and a problem with a key component like your computers power supply or motherboard can result in a ruined machine.


Spare Parts for Computers and Laptops

We always have a stock of quality spare parts and components that will fit most PC's with accounts with most of the major UK stockists we can often get replacement parts within 24hrs.

  • Windows Re-installation
  • OS Upgrade/Downgrade
  • System Recovery
  • Hardware Test
  • Server Configuration
  • PC Maintenance
  • Server Maintenance
  • Remote Support
  • Windows Update
  • Error and Problem diagnose and fix
  • Backup and restore


Software Services

  • Computer setup
  • User setup
  • Data transfer
  • Email setup
  • Security
  • Virus Removal
  • Browser hijacks
  • Malware Removal
  • Trojans/Pups/
  • Software Installation and Setup
  • Performance problems
  • Windows Update problems


Network Problems

Computer network problems can vary from having no internet connection at all, to WiFi connection problems and can go into areas such a VPN setup and remote management.

Hardware Services

  • PC Repairs
  • Laptop Repairs
  • Server Repairs
  • PSU failure
  • Motherboard
  • Graphics Card
  • Processor Upgrade
  • Memory Upgrade
  • Raid Controllers
  • SSDs
  • Hard Discs
  • NAS and SAN
  • Laptop Keyboards
  • Laptop Screens
  • Power Management
  • Safe System Cleaning

Hardware and Diagnostic Services

Some computer problems require extensive investigation and a full diagnostic service requiring technician and workshop time.


Where this is necessary we will advise you of the estimated cost and outline the action plan.


Disc and Data Recovery Services


Losing files and data will often occur at the worst of times. Replacing a failed hard drive is usually straight forward however data recovery can be a challenge even for experienced techs.


01344 570292



We will on occasion provide letters to support business or home Insurance and/or Warranty Claims and we do make a charge for this service.


We can only provide letters stating what our technicians have independently determined regarding the state of the equipment.


Situations we have assisted with include; electrical surge damage and water/flood damage.


We reserve the right not to participate in unverifiable claims.


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PC Repairs and servicing
You can drop off and collect your PC or we can Collect and Return in the local area.
KS Computing can make both business and home visits if required.

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