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Superior custom built, mini tower, mid size and full tower PCs/Computers for you, to use at home, school or business

MakeItSoh Simple Our Simple range are small tower computers, simple but professionally designed suitable for home and business. Standard Micro ATX Tower Case 500Watt Generic PSU Intel i3 or AMD Processor* Leading Brand MATX Mobo Haswell Socket 1150 2 * USB3 2 * USB2 8 Channel Sound Gb Ethernet Connection Onboard VGA 8Gb (can expand to 16Gb) DDR3 Memory Optional Graphics Card** 1Tb Hard Drive or 240Gb SSD DVD Read/Writer Microsoft Windows ** We generally recommend having a graphics card)
MakeItSoh Dragon Our Dragon range with over a terabyte of storage are tower computers, professionally designed for business users and gamers. This example is based on the AMD Black Edition processors, but could also be an Intel processor and motherboard. Designer Case 620Watt Superior PSU Intel i5 or AMD 8 Core Processor Superior Motherboard 2 * USB3 8 * USB2 7.1 High Def Audio Killer Gb LAN Connection Supports Crossfire and SLI 6x6Gb Sata supporting RAID 0,1,6,10 Many other features 16Gb of DDR3 Gaming Memory Powerful Graphics Card 240Gb Kingston SSD 1Tb Western Digital Hard Drive DVD Read/Writer Microsoft Windows
MakeItSoh Platinum Our Platinum range excel in performance, storage and graphics these tower computers are professionally designed for power users and top end gamers. Each Platinum Computer is designed for the client and can include many additional top end design features, even the basic design delivers incredible power and capability exploiting the Intel i7 family of processors. Pro Quality Case 750Watt High Performance PSU Intel i7 Processor Gaming Motherboard 2 * USB3 8 * USB2 Intel Z97 chipset 7.1 High Def Audio Killer Gb LAN Connection Supports Crossfire and SLI 6x6Gb Sata supporting RAID 0,1,6,10 Many other features 32Gb Specialist DDR3 or DDR4 Memory Superior Performance Graphics Card 240Gb Kingston SSD 2Tb Western Digital Hard Drive DVD Read/Writer Microsoft Windows

Prices from £375 ex VAT

Prices from £650 ex VAT

Prices from £995 ex VAT


Order Information

To ensure our clients receive the best deal at any time all our computers are specified and built to order. Please contact us for prices on bulk or multiple orders. Peripherals such as screens, keyboards and mice, advice on which Operating System is required are all discussed as part of providing you with a quote. Prices will include configuration, build, delivery and installation. Payment in full is required prior to delivery unless you have an account with us.


Delivery time is usually within 7 working days for order. All systems come with a 12 month rtb warranty.

MakeItSoh computers are superior PCs that are built to order using parts from established and proven suppliers. Each computer is specified and built to order, thereby ensuring each customer gets the best configuration available at the time for their needs. Your machine is specified and configured to provide you the optimum solution for your budget allows. 

Each MakeItSoh computer is thoroughly tested prior to delivery and we provide software installation, data transfer, setup, configuration and installation services including on site work such as printer installation and internet connection setup and testing. In addition to hardware warranty we offer a full after care service to clients to support their MakeItSoh system which can include site visits and assistance. 

The aim of our service is to provide a far higher and superior personal service which is beyond the services that can provided by the national chains.

Many of our clients are repeat clients return to us time and time again because they know that their computers are built to their requirements and we provide great after sales service.


The Shepherd Family:

"We had a bad experience with an expensive High Street branded PC which lasted just over a year so bought our first MakeItSoh System in 2004 and since then we have always bought our PCs from KS Computing because we know they always will provide us with great machines and after sales support."


Local Recruitment Consultant:

"I asked Rick if they could build me a reasonably priced machine for running my business and had my MakeItSoh 2009 and it is still going strong in 2016."


Local Print Company:

"KS Computing started supporting our IT in Ascot in 2006. In 2008 we bought a MakeItSoh Server and workstation from them and they have managed our IT for us ever since"

What is a MakeItSoh? Over 10 years ago a regular client requested we build his son a gaming computer and so we started building computers. The MakeItSoh name was born when we were selling more custom machines and we needed a name. So one evening whilst watching a certain well known and often repeated Sci Fi series a certain phrase was mentioned and the MakeItSoh name was born. It sums up the idea that this is built for the client to get them where they haven't been able to go before. I admit that we am not heavily into marketing/selling our aim is to provide great IT and not piles of techno babble and waffle to baffle our clients. The same applies with our computers we build our machines to the same passion, standards of quality and design as want for ourselves. After years of doing this it is great when clients say, I still have the machine you sold me some years ago and it is going well. So what is a MakeItSoh? It is a computer built by us for you! Gosh - Is that a sales strap line? I think that might be a sales strap line :)...hmm

Isn't a PC is Simply a Box With Some Bits In It?

The next few paragraphs are intended to illustrate some of the aspects to consider when you are buying a computer. Experienced buyers of PCs will know that the average tech superstore or telephone sales company will have guys who are trying to sell on commission and really just want to make any sort of a sale. Over the years we have seen many clients who have been disappointed in their purchases from these companies and it is because to the bulk shippers, their view is, if goes wrong, come in and buy another one. TVs, fridges and kettles they are ok but computers, if you want things done properly then the bulk shippers are not the ones to talk to unless you are happy to have your questions answered by some disinterested guy in another country.

Intel or AMD Processors?

There is no doubt that Intel have the upper hand in the processor performance wars but they come with a price tag to match and some notable limitations. For example Intel have a tendency to change their processor fittings so it is entirely possible to find that this years Intel processor and motherboards go out of production at the drop of a hat.


In our view at the current moment  for performance top of the pile are the more expensive Intel i7's. However in terms of value for money and longevity we have found AMD Processors are a solid buy.

Stock, Custom or Water Cooling

Adding a custom cooler to a budget PC is like turbo charging a Fiat Uno i.e. a bit of a pointless exercise, but when you get into top range computers that are running up to 18 hours a day then it is wise to protect your investment. Also if you are a customised PC fan then a custom cooler is essential, the good ones perform and look so much better than stock coolers and if you are an AMD fan with a their monster processors running at 4Ghz then custom cooling is essential.


On my PC which is runs with an AMD Black Edition processor it has been running with a water cooling block and radiator and my machine is on usually 15 hours a day 6 days a week and I have found for my usage which is primarily work and photo editing this has been a good investment.

On the Case for Computer Cases

A case, is a case isn't it? Simply put, 'no' with computer cases are not all built or designed to the same standard. A cheap computer case with a shoddy power supply may not set you back much but it will not last long either. A good quality computer case will be properly engineered, well built and well finished with proper air filters and cabling runs. Another major advantage of a quality computer case is reuse, they can last for many years whereas a cheap case will probably last about 3 years before the switches and fittings break.

Monitors and Screens

This is the other end part the problem, so many people use a PC monitor that is several years old and then when they receive their new computer with high resolution graphics card they see the improvement.

If you are a frequent computer user we seriously advise investing in a good quality monitor and there are a lot of options out there. Look at your workspace and seat height and work out the optimum size and configuration. Sometimes a dual monitor arrangement will be superior to a single monitor.

If you are a photographer or digital artist then the screen you invest in is very important as you need to consider colour accuracy, illumination, reflections and even pov.

Can I Buy It on The Internet and Get it Cheaper?

Honestly you can not buy our service on the internet. We are a local business and work with our customers and that cannot be done purely through internet. Obviously if you just need an out of the box solution the KS Computing is not for you, however if you need a more personal and trusted service with experienced professionals we are here to help.

Once you have thought about your basic system requirements there are an enormous variety of enhancements and customisations possible. Sleek computer case designs, custom cooling solutions, water cooling, RAID disc arrangements, specialist Monitors for photographers and graphic designers, gaming keyboards and mice, case illumination, the list goes on and on.


Here at our KS Computing office all the machines we have been running since 2004 are our own MakeItSoh custom built systems because because a machine that has been specified and built for what you need will give much better service.

From the opening of the workshop in 2007. Gary is building a couple of AMD based PCs.
These 2007 machines were built as Windows Servers with seperate RAID disc arrays.
This cllient 08 machine served as a gaming machine and office machine It was given a full refurb in 2015 and is currently working in Yorkshire.

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